Happy teachers make great teachers! I work to help all teachers find the balance that they need to bring them greater satisfaction in their lives and in their careers

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Live Well Teach Well - How does it work?

Teachers deserve happiness. Between the marking, the early meetings, the late meetings and the holiday commitments sometimes this fact gets forgotten. It can be hard to make time for yourself when faced with the pressure of lesson observations, learning walks and just wanting to be the best teacher you can.

Here's the good news!

When teachers are happy they are naturally better teachers - hang on, what? 

Spending a little bit of time each week realigning your life towards the goals that make you happy lead you to be a better teacher. It's true. So spending a bit of time on yourself is actually an investment in your career.

  • Being a truly Reflective Practitioner is about knowing when you have done well enough. By dedicated 10-15 mins per week to reflect on your progress you put yourself in a stronger position for the week ahead. You will know where you need to exert your energies and what you can start to let go of. 
  • People who are optimistic or happy have better performance in work, school and sports, are less depressed, have fewer physical health problems, and have better relationships with other people.  Further, optimism can be measured and it can be learned (Seligman, M.E.P. (1991). Learned Optimism. New York: Knopf), from http://ppc.sas.upenn.edu/learn-more/frequently-asked-questions.

This means that happier teachers are often better teachers. There's another effect though that is really exciting.

  • Students mirror the emotions of teachers. There have been early studies to show that students who see their teachers as happy are more likely to feel happy within the classroom as well. If you add this to Seligman's work above then happy teachers lead to happy students who are therefore more likely to succeed in their lessons. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0742051X14000602

What do teachers say who have worked with me?

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Teachers were better able to develop their own solutions to classroom problems
— Headteacher feedback from an anonymous questionnaire
Teachers were able to communicate more clearly and reasonably with management regarding their classroom needs.
— Headteacher feedback from an anonymous questionnaire
Teachers were able to communicate more clearly and reasonably with management regarding their professional development
— Headteacher feedback from an anonymous questionnaire
Frances was very easy to talk to and shared her own experiences as a teacher
— Teacher feedback from an anonymous questionnaire
It was a dynamic process.
— Teacher feedback from an anonymous questionnaire
I met Frances at the right time, as I was in the middle of the course to get the Award in Education and Training and also teaching some private classes. Her sessions helped me to consolidate what I saw in class and guided me to improve and try new things with the students I had at that moment.

Frances was always very illustrative, given me creative suggestions to improve the motivation of my students. Also helped me to think further, to evaluate my current activities and set up my own business, she also guided me for job search and regulations.

I totally recommend Frances as an Education Coach, she responded to my queries, opened up my mind to new ideas, gave me clear examples according to her personal experiences, guided me to set up goals and motivated me to continue my activities in Education.
— Alejandra Castillo, private educator


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