Why buying in Professional Development doesn’t always solve the problems.

What opportunities does your organisation provide to let you decide on the professional development you are offered? Sometimes these requests can involve a daunting amount of paperwork, or gaining signatures from people you have only spoken to once. This paper trail can put people off booking trainers to come in. It is important though that you get input on the training you are offered. You have a unique perspective on your role and know best the training that you need to attend. Your training needs change over the year and management might not be up to date with them. Make sure you have those conversations.

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Secret ways in-house training helps your department improve

More exciting than these little pragmatic nuggets are the secret hidden benefits. We are getting into Meta-CPD here, are you ready?

The Leader – The benefits to the leader of CPD are huge because you have to be the change you want to see in the world. To make your training more relevant you need to analyse your department’s needs and your own strengths and weaknesses. In order to develop a program that will help your team improve break down the issues into small steps. Which of these can you help everyone with? Which do you need to work on first? How are you going to work on these first? 

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Why learning outside the classroom is important and how you can help…..

Everyone who offers support to schools is playing a crucial part in the development of the younger generation of our country. Pupils get to visit new places, meet new people and consider everything they already know in a new setting. Sometimes in the daily run of life it can be easy to forget the role you are playing in the bigger picture but it is an important one. 

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