Join me for the next Live Well Teach Well webinar on 31st August at 11am. Make time to focus on what matters to you and how you're really going to make it happen.

It's the start of a new academic year, everyone's hopes and energy are high and whether you're a teacher, a heritage educator or a private tutor it's time to get ready for the year ahead. Coming in straight after the long holidays can be a stressful experience, maybe you didn't get a proper break because you were doing so much preparation, maybe you got a proper break but now feel like you're starting on the back foot. When you know what your life-priorities are you can make the choices that work for you.

 For many teachers Performance Management meetings are looming. Give yourself the opportunity to make it a two-sided conversation, enter the meeting knowing what you want to to be written on it. Make this the year that you reach your goals instead of giving up before the end of October.

During this action packed and interactive webinar you will 

  • Identify what living well means for you.
  • Discover all the amazing things you currently do, and could do to help you live well.
  • Consider your long term and short term goals at home and at work and how close you are to achieving them.
  • Develop your own personal road map to bring your goals within reach.

So join me for this exciting webinar. When you sign up you will receive the the Live Well Teach Well Pack to get you started. In the week before the webinar you will receive the pdfs that go alongside the session and up to 24 hours before the webinar begins you'll receive an email with the webinar link in.

See you there!