James Wright

Co-Founder SpeakUp.hk

My company engaged Frances to provide much-needed support with teacher training and curriculum development. As we are a small, rapidly growing business, we really appreciated Frances’ flexible, hands-on and proactive approach.

She quickly became a trusted part of our team, providing excellent training sessions to our new teachers (we also received very positive feedback from the teachers she trained), and identifying several key teaching issues which we hadn’t anticipated. She was articulate in communicating her ideas, which was essential in our project as we relied on virtual meetings and training sessions. Throughout the project, I was extremely impressed with her professionalism and her ability to deliver beyond what we had asked.

Frances also surpassed our expectations in taking the initiative to create a lesson-planning document which proved to be essential for new teachers. This document is now a standard part of our approach to teaching, and is used by our teachers on a daily basis.

As a result of Frances’ support, our business was able to rapidly recruit and train enough teachers to double our existing workforce. We were also able to provide an enhanced teaching experience to our students, which helped us to expand our customer base and further grow the business.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Frances’ services to businesses of any size that need expert assistance with curriculum development, teacher training or other related educational services.